Shame on junior students can earn millions

Zhengzhou University, Academy of Fine Arts, the school teachers and students are particularly familiar with a junior student, he is Zou Wei. Now has been the president of listed companies, the annual turnover of over a million, it is so that we have entered the community, but people feel ashamed of low wages, let us come close to him, to understand him.

met Zou Wei, wearing a white T-shirt bottoming V grey cardigan wearing a black fluffy scarf, neatly in front of a "Cross Knot", slightly wavy hair, nose on a pair of black glasses, speech and deportment mature, with artist style, like a veteran in the society many entrepreneurs, in fact he was a Zhengzhou University Academy of Fine Arts Junior.

Zou Wei is giving lessons to the students

is different from other students, Zou great began to engage in a variety of entrepreneurial activities, do electricity supplier, dry sales, traveled more than half of china. Sophomore founded the Henan painting decoration culture Communication Co., Ltd. (referred to as "painting the world"). In just a year and a half, the company expanded from Zhengzhou to six campuses, such as Anhui, and held art exhibitions in many places, to complete a number of works of art, creating an annual turnover of millions of business results.

do electricity providers earn first pot of gold

three year old painting, the first grade and the sixth grade sketch portrait sketch has been quite mature, in high school and college entrance examination training institutions to substitute all through the school of arts. In Zou Wei’s words, he was born with the "art cell", and "artistic beauty" is his lifelong pursuit.

just went to college, he did not venture ideas, just want to be an ordinary student, step by step, painting, reading, I hope one day to become a painter.

he is majoring in oil painting, need to complete a lot of homework every day, but all of the heart works most will be piled in the corridor, as a stack like garbage, dusty, cleaning staff was finally cleared away.

"every piece of painting has poured into the feelings of the artist, the inspiration of the paintings are valuable, as long as these works mounted together, you can become an excellent art." Zou Wei thought, why not make use of these works, to create a unique platform for young artists, so he had the idea of entrepreneurship.

open the company needs to start funding, but he did not choose to ask for money at home, there is no application for loans, looking for investment, determined to use their earned first pot of gold to do the company.

3 months he received 5 part-time, open Taobao shop, do purchasing, founder recommended

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