China’s old food and beverage companies down the root knot

abroad 100 year history of the restaurant – genera, domestic veteran catering management status is a deserted house, why is there such a difference, in the face of the old Chinese catering enterprises to go downhill, how should we reflect on.

why veteran restaurant prices out of

network red restaurant zero service

Guangzhou Shenzhen annual new restaurants are more than 5, a day on average increase of 150 (data from public data public comment in December 31, 2015); in 2015 the national food and beverage revenue exceeded 3 trillion, the domestic food market flourishing but competitive. In such a fight, it is inevitable to hear a lot of food and beverage disappeared disappeared, this is why?

we have to mention the recent "net red restaurant" zero point service in Shanghai, a century old restaurant. The reason why this restaurant is famous for being exposed to a variety show service problems in japan.

this business is a good century old shop in the public comment on taste 0 points, the environment of 0 points, the service of 0 points". Some people went to the store dining, if not a good location, there is a knife fish product characteristics, estimates will close early.

video in disregard of the guests of the waiter, playing the phone chef, the door down the newspaper to see the manager and security, playing cards, chefs and miscellaneous workers…… In recent years, frequent Shanghai’s show, Macao doulao, Baguo Buyi and Tan Yutou old problems, it exposes a lot of drawbacks of the time-honored restaurant from the side.

problem one: mismanagement, lack of staff motivation

a lot of old restaurant behind the shadow of state-owned institutions. Such as the exposure of the old, waiters and cooks so lax, nothing more than because the back of a good shade tree".

on the old state-owned enterprises, users Tucao the most is the service: Hey, you know, a hundred years old, love does not come to the kind of cynicism, let people see the dumbfounding. Net friend said, in the final analysis is the management level is too backward, even many private catering enterprises are far less than.

Why not

employees are willing to actively welcome good service? System, good salary according to take, will not be layoffs will not have high wages, pure dawdle, natural service more and more scattered.

, coupled with the omission of management, the lack of supervision, natural zero point service also appeared.

problem two >

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