Nanjing to reduce the difficulty of the exam – net about car

In order to increase the strength of

management about cars, many of the tricks in the city, Nanjing, held a net car about the qualification examination. Nanjing said it would be about the test car test questions as appropriate, and the bridge during the maintenance of the river will be difficult to solve the problem through a number of measures to improve, will have to reduce the difficulty.

recently, the Nanjing about car qualification exam has become a hot topic of discussion, the first pass rate of less than 20%, so many people on the is expected to be unable to. Even netizens ridicule if these will be able to do a tour guide".

for Nanjing’s first about cars qualification examination, You Qingzhong bluntly "too difficult", he said later, according to the practical needs of travelers, for the majority of the opinions of the masses, improvement in the exam, cut unnecessary questions, while strengthening the traffic safety and civilized service, the content of the exam.

"I looked at the exam yesterday, one problem is admitted to hospital number, I think this problem is too difficult, I is the Department of transportation staff, for the traffic department in Zhongshan Road number I do not know, only know that l State Road number. The next question, on the one hand can solicit the opinions of the general public on the Internet, a lot of problems listed let everyone pick; on the other hand the city geographical and cultural background are not the same, such as the history of Nanjing so long, you have so many rich history have placed great difficulty in the subject."

about the difficulty of the exam if the car is high, people will lose the car about the experience, so that more people are concerned about the future development of the about the car. Nanjing to reduce the difficulty of the about the car test, does not mean that the about car lax management. Have questions on the Internet, the test range in the inside, and the amount of questions has been done Yajian greatly, local topics in the 100 questions within. As long as there is time for the driver, at any time on the Internet can be tested, the work we are advancing."

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