Find business opportunities to college students back to Chongqing

now, business opportunities can be found everywhere, it depends on whether you can grasp. Nearby Jiulongpo Huangjueping Railway Primary School residents did not recognize Li Hui. Three years ago, this carries 1970 yuan to Chongqing entrepreneurship, earnestly to uncle aunt pulled into the studio as a model of female graduates from the teahouse is now mahjong table, annual income of hundreds of thousands of small boss.

this is my dorm room and studio." Yesterday, Li Hui recalled three years ago to start a business day, sigh.       day settlement trick; wages; at that time, she had no money printing leaflets, Huang Jueping went to the teahouse to each district to play mahjong uncle aunt propaganda: "two are sitting, so you go to the Academy of fine arts to students doll as a model, not only can help students to draw a good picture, you can also make money!" Li Hui patiently explain to uncle aunt.

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