After the dream of a large number of 80 children clinging to entrepreneurial dreams come true

no matter how good the current business environment, the competition has always been there, the difficulty is not impossible to go out of business, entrepreneurship also need people perseverance perseverance. The following is a dream shared by 80 young entrepreneurs pointed!

5 years ago, after 80 guy Yang Xiaolong left his favorite pharmaceutical industry, began their own entrepreneurial path, questioned by people around. 5 years later, his company from 2 to over more than and 30 people, from the initial delivery to walk, ride a car each express delivery, reputation and quality of staff is one of the best in the industry, WeChat launched a public platform, has potential membership of about 100000 people.

for present work, Yang Xiaolong simply defines it as "a thing". In the words of Yang Xiaolong, "entrepreneurship" is a high-end crowd, successful people have the behavior, but he is just trying to do what he really wants to do, he just put the idea into action.

in a chance, Yang Xiaolong was keenly aware of the express industry threshold is low, a large scale, but the lack of standardized and systematic, this "loophole" found immediately so that he shines. He felt that if he could find a way to integrate the industry, it is likely to become a big business opportunity.

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