Dry cleaning shop corner selection skills

dry cleaning franchise how to do a good job site? The general location of the site must be sure that everyone knows. However, we know that the site is not only the location of good or bad, even if there is a different location on the same street there are good or bad points. So dry cleaning franchise block selection of what?

dry cleaning franchise block location from the specific location, the following location is generally a more ideal operating address:

(1) corner location: the corner is located at the intersection of the two streets, can produce a corner effect, is often an ideal dry cleaning franchise location.

it has the advantage of: can increase the display area of the window, two streets of the flow of people gathered here, there are more people to patronize. In this opened a dry cleaning franchise will attract more customers to come to spend.

(2): the crossing location of these open dry cleaners, because look very conspicuous, but from different angles, in this position the dry cleaners should try to play to their strengths in the dry cleaners positive at the entrance of the decoration, shop signs, advertising signs, display window should be carefully designed, the guests were attracted to the past.

(3): the location and convenient transportation for dry cleaning services for the convenience of thousands of households, customers from all sides, to choose a convenient traffic address is crucial, should also pay attention to whether there is a nearby parking lot, especially large and medium-sized stores dry cleaning equipment, operating a wide range, once the well-known guests come from all sides. Therefore, selection, traffic convenient location is extremely important, this is an important factor to ensure the smooth operation.

of course, the quality of business address is relative, because no matter the city, or small towns, changes are changing. And some of these small changes may have a big impact on dry cleaning franchise stores. If the operating condition of the dry cleaning franchise stores, because of the construction of the elevated road in front of the door, so that customers travel inconvenience, resulting in a substantial decline in business. Therefore, entrepreneurs must always pay attention to the changes around, to be predictable. If the changes have been predicted in advance, you can avoid the occurrence of risk.

as the urban construction or modification of traffic facilities and make a change of the passenger flow change radically the street like a street adjacent to meet the eye everywhere, the avenue in the middle because of the increase of the fence will make the meal time a lot of business on both sides of the street. Therefore, the choice of dry cleaning franchise business locations, there should be foresight and vision, do more related work.

dry cleaning business is mainly convenience services, so the site must pay attention to skills. From the big side, we all know the location of the direction of attention, but the specific location, the dry cleaning shop on the corner of the site selection, the above list of the location of a

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