Baokang County poverty alleviation precise employment the implementation of four full coverage

people will support innovation and entrepreneurship in the precise place, so as to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship, bring in Baokang County in Hubei province employment policy is very accurate.

Baokang County

the participatory poverty population screening, docking, lock has the ability to work, employment aspirations of the poor people, to establish the basis of accounting according to the investigation of "one village, do, registration one, missed one, accurate to the head. All poor families in the county to develop the main body of labor ledger summary, the establishment of the county to get rid of the main employment and entrepreneurship skills training ledger, master the total amount of training and professional needs.

to further establish and improve the county, township and village three recruitment information platform construction, through the county human resources market, news media recruitment platform, community centre, LED Township, township and village recruitment display recruitment bulletin board recruitment platform timely release of park enterprises recruitment dynamics, strengthen docking recruitment and corporate recruitment propaganda, are normal of. To achieve employment information and poverty target docking, so that each of the employment aspirations of the school-age workforce to achieve stable employment.

for low quality of rural labor force and the skill level is not high overall situation, take "immediate grasp of employment, grasp the long-term training" idea to carry out the training work, combined with the local characteristics of industrial development, ecological recommendation

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