Dalian commodity exchange and cooperation – the Moscow stock exchange

in the development of Dalian commodity related to the overall economic development of Dalian, so many times, will cause people’s attention. Dalian commodity exchange and the Moscow exchange (Borsa stanbul) local time 27 signed a memorandum of understanding signed in Moscow, jointly seek cooperation in a wider range of areas. Memorandum covers information sharing, high-level visits, training and personnel exchanges, business cooperation, etc..

at the signing ceremony, Dalian commodity exchange party secretary, chairman Li Zhengqiang said, "the government with Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" strategy to promote, the Sino Russian cooperation in the financial sector ushered in new opportunities. Take this opportunity to develop, through the signing of this memorandum, the two sides will further explore more opportunities for business cooperation, open up new channels for long-term cooperation. This cooperation is conducive to promoting the exchange business internationalization strategy, consolidate and expand the derivatives market and emerging links, and with the implementation of the national "The Belt and Road" strategy.

Moscow exchange chief executive Alexander Afanasiev said that the world’s leading commodity futures exchange, has been maintained good communication and exchanges. Signed the Memorandum for the two exchanges to explore and lay a solid foundation to carry out cooperation in various fields, helps to enhance strategic mutual trust, give play to the huge potential of two markets, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win exchanges, prosperity and development.


in Dalian city for the first time in cooperation with the Moscow stock exchange, can understand each other to each other’s advantages, the Dalian Mercantile Exchange was founded in 1993, is approved by the State Council and the Commission by one of the China supervision and management of the Chinese mainland four futures exchanges. According to the U.S. Futures Association (FIA) announced the world’s major derivatives exchange volume ranking, in 2015 the world’s largest ranked eighth.

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