Store location should pay attention to what the whole

to open a store to do what work? This should be any investor is very concerned about the problem, and among the many decisive factors, store location is undoubtedly very important. In fact, the investment for investors is also a science, if we want to let their own entrepreneurial projects can be more simple, bring us more benefits, that we need in the course of business, make preparation, learn more about entrepreneurial knowledge can let us in the process of entrepreneurship, to have more capital to our store business investment management. In short, in all aspects of entrepreneurship, site selection is very important, with a lot of attention. So, store location should pay attention to what?

source analysis

if we are open, we must first analyze the range of potential customers for our store and see if we are open, our target customer groups who are; because we in choosing their own stores, in fact, is mainly for stores to choose a consumer crowd in many places, so that our first step is to clear our store target population, through to their analysis, to understand the characteristics of the distribution of their daily.

in order to find their most centralized place, then we can choose the right in the area near the store, so that it can let us take you in the process of operation, can more easily get more traffic, let our development process, can I get more turnover, enhance our business the benefits of our store; in the shop when not cannot just consider the cost of shop opening.

cost planning

After we

at the same time in considering the above factors, after the delineation of a block suitable for our shop area, then we according to your start-up costs to determine the final decision, because the choice of position of our cost will affect our store to a great extent; then we can according to their own cost of the capacity to choose the right business shop opening for our business.

because after we determine the shop area of its stores, in such a zone can be from good to bad choices, we can according to our own cost, we can calculate the maximum overhead in the rent and decoration of the store, and then according to their maximum can the amount of expenditures, to choose the best place in our designated area, because the operation and development of our stores in the course of business in a good position or can give us later bring more advantages to our store development more quickly.


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