How to seize the business of large customer procurement opportunities

has had the experience of people who know how to shop, no matter what kind of shop, once a large customer for procurement, no doubt can make a big store. So, now a lot of retail stores are very focused on large customer procurement opportunities. So, how to operate the store to seize large customer procurement opportunities? Let Xiaobian to introduce the views of many businesses.

in order to seize the opportunity to purchase large customers, first of all to improve the visibility of the shop. According to my many years of experience in sales, enterprises and other large customers generally do not go to those who do not know the high, small shops to buy goods. Operators can enhance publicity, in the design of the facade, increase investment on the decoration to enhance the visibility of the shop.

second to achieve the "two guarantees", that is to ensure adequate supply, to ensure the quality of goods. Adequate supply, complete variety in order to attract customers; responsible for the sale of each commodity, with integrity set up a bridge of friendship, in order to attract more customers come.

– Yima city in Henan Province Road Chiaki new century supermarket Zhang Changsong

product quality, price and service is the key point for me to grasp this kind of business opportunity.

in order to ensure the quality of goods, I first regulate the purchase channels. Cigarettes persist from the purchase of tobacco companies, other goods are purchased from the regular manufacturers. Drinks and other goods from the manufacturer of the purchase of goods can not only guarantee the quality of goods, but also to reduce the cost of purchase, so that I can be more favorable price to attract customers.

in order to seize the big customer procurement of such sales opportunities, can not rely on sitting in the store business, so I take the initiative to contact the door business. Every year, I sent to the store to buy a large customer price list, please pay attention to my shop. On this basis, I focus on improving the quality of service. To the store to buy goods of large customers, I provide free door-to-door service; often to the store to purchase the old customers, I will send cards to them before the Spring Festival every year, let them know I remember them. With these measures, I received orders increased year by year.

wonderful supermarket Zhang Mei Xinyi city of Jiangsu Province

I think to do this kind of customer purchase business, the most important thing is to uphold the integrity of law-abiding business, to ensure that goods "genuine goods at a fair price". Because of the large customers to purchase cigarettes is used as a meeting or conference with the smoke, only in order to gain the trust of customers genuine goods at a fair price, "and" back off "for". In addition, in order to maintain the relationship with some of the major cigarette procurement, usually take the initiative to strengthen the contact is very important. Operators should understand the dynamics of these customers, held meetings and various activities on these customers, can take the initiative to call to ask what they need to smoke, the availability of supply.

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