Contraceptives self-service payment machine layout in Xining

Provincial Population and family planning center Yaoxie management actively, at present, Xining city included in the national contraceptive self-service payment machine is one of the first batch of 13 pilot city. Our province in July will start a contraceptive self-service payment machine layout work. This year to 1000 next year (worth 10 million yuan) contraceptive self-service payment machine, distribution will be placed in Xining city hospitals, universities, hotels, public places and other communities, large population, so that more people of childbearing age to enjoy free contraceptive and reproductive convenient, comfortable, humane health service.

the project landed in Xining City, to promote family planning public service in Xining City, and gradually establish a urban planning service station and health care institutions led a link to the city residents and floating population areas and other public places as the basis of the full range of self payment service system of the community health service center to expand contraceptive self-service payment services, improve the medicine distribution service society and the level of information, promote the formation of great significance to scientific, efficient and stable mode of contraceptives. At present, the provincial population and family planning medical management center actively preparing for the deployment project to start work, arrange contraceptive self-service payment machine layout sourcing work related work, actively promote the orderly, according to the project schedule requirements before December 2016 all in place.  

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