64 thousand and 300 new rural houses in our province

Let the farmers moved into the new house, really improve their living environment, improve the happiness index, this year our province agricultural pastoral areas housing construction schedule tasks for 65 thousand households, as of the end of October, the province’s rural housing has started 64 thousand and 300, operating rate of 99%, completed 60094.

but construction progress in some areas is still slow, at the end of October, the task of rural housing construction in Longhua County, Ledu District, East Sea has not yet started construction; the safe area, Gonghe County, Delingha City, zadoi county has not yet reached the completion rate of 80%.

it is reported that, according to the rural reconstruction work in the Ministry of housing and urban construction, rural housing construction task completion schedule, in accordance with the reconstruction of rural farmers building archives information network entry rate approved. From around the rural housing construction of farmers archives information network entry situation, farmers archives information network of each entry area and the actual completion number, establishment of a number of paper files are inconsistent, Huangzhong County, Xining City, Ledu District, Longhua District, Ping County, Xunhua County, Haidong Prefecture, sea Gonghe County, Guide County, Guinan Dulan County, Haixi County, Haibei Prefecture of Qilian County, Guoluo Prefecture banma County, Yushu nangqen entry rate has not reached 80%, lagging behind the entry work.

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