Minister channel into two important vocal

"migrant workers into the city, the countryside how to do?"

a large number of migrant workers to work in cities, which is a good thing, is the inevitable trend of modernization. Who will land in the countryside? The general consideration is to cultivate new professional farmers and develop modern agriculture……"



to Chinese economic and social problem "question and answer", in the Great Hall of the people on the morning of 5 of the North Hall of minister channel". The twelve session of the National People’s Congress on the first day of the four meeting, there are 7 ministers took the initiative to go to the microphone, the collective acceptance of hundreds of reporters’ investigation".

just 7 points, many reporters have come to the minister channel next to occupy a favorable position". By the time it was nearly 8, the number of reporters on the scene had reached the level of more than and 400. A long row of high up the camera set up on the red carpet edge, many reporters standing on the top of the ladder, only to record every moment in front of.

Zhang Mao, director general of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (

), was the first official to appear in the "Ministerial passage" today. Did not go to the microphone stand, the reporter’s question has been thrown one after another, how to promote the enterprise credit system, a national network, how to look at the closure of the reform of the intermediary dividend? How to crack down on fake luxury goods online shopping?…… Zhang Mao breath answered 7 questions.

just entered the hall of the Taiwan Affairs Office, the Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun heard the media call, take the initiative to come forward to respond to the current cross-strait relations. Now cross-strait relations at an important point, facing the road and direction of choice…… We will resolutely oppose and curb the secessionist activities of Taiwan independence." His answer was direct and forceful.

followed by the Minister of education Yuan Guiren is following the opening of the 3 session of the CPPCC session in the afternoon before the minister channel sound appeared here again. In the face of a female reporter on behalf of the "two child mother" questions, Yuan Guiren said, all two children will bring pressure on preschool education, will expand the resources in various forms, vigorously develop public kindergartens, the government purchase measures to support private kindergarten……

Chen Zhenggao, Minister of housing and construction,

, received the price soaring problem is particularly concerned, many of the participants have stopped passing by. Chen Zhenggao said that this year the real estate market stable and healthy development of confidence…… Ministry of housing, a high degree of concern about the price changes in the first tier cities, North Guangzhou Shenzhen four cities are trying to stabilize the market.

is also the two appearance of the Minister of communications Yang Chuantang, after answering the question of poverty relief on the traffic left. In the face of more journalists, on-site staff to maintain order, to comfort the reporter "behind must have the opportunity to."

before the opening of the General Assembly last came the agriculture minister Han Changfu answered a reporter on food security, urban and rural development issues; the opening ceremony over time, director of the State Health Planning Commission Li Bin came to the media about the "health China" construction…… Add up to about an hour before the channel quiz let reporters live full harvest.

"with china;

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