Datong County school success

Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and province to carry out active aid to student education, the use of other high-quality educational resources to help local rural Hukou students receive more good high school education, remote education achievement. 2013, Datong County, a total of 2991 candidates to participate in the college entrance examination, the line of 2970, on-line rate of 99.3%, the top 4 candidates to enter the province’s liberal arts, the top 10 candidates into the province’s top 10 science.

from the beginning of 2006, for the first time the County senior high school entrance examination scores from selected the top 50 of the rural population of the county in Liaoning province to the students in senior high schools in Beizhen city to accept the general high school education, then take Jinzhou city in Datong County of Liaoning province and the pace of education aid. From the beginning of 2009, the county government invested 700 thousand yuan every year to send 60 of the county excellent in character and learning of students in rural household registration and part of the town residence of the students in senior high schools in Beizhen city in Liaoning province to accept the education of senior high school. At the same time, each selected 50 students in Hebei Dachang high school accept high school education. After several years of careful implementation, the effectiveness of the policy of helping students to help students obviously, but also increased the Datong County, the county government to develop confidence and determination of students. At the same time, the quality of teaching in the county have been established to pay close attention to education, discipline group of science, to promote teachers’ professional development, and increase the college entrance examination, efforts to invite domestic famous and county backbone teachers for seminars, to improve the quality of education plays a great role in promoting. (author: Xiao Liu Li Guochang)

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