Xining leading cadres strictly report personal matters

In order to further promote the city’s leading cadres at all levels standards report personal matters, in recent years found that spot checks to verify the problem oriented problems in Xining City, strictly from the year 2016 to carry out the work of leading cadres report personal matters.

note knew. In order to sort out the specific problems, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department in a timely manner to develop measures for improvement, and to fill out all the objects issued requirements and notes. First, the issue of personal matters related to the high rate of errors in the report, issued a report on the leadership of cadres to report personal matters related to error prone list, according to the error rate will be classified into a detailed explanation of these issues. The two is to fill in false negatives and reporting is not standardized, issued a "fill the leading cadres report personal matters preparations", detailed reporting to the relevant departments should query what information and how to prepare in advance. The three is to examine the issue of signing the leadership is not strict, the issue of the audit key review of the contents of the trial, requiring the person to sign the case when the trial review of the contents of the audit. The four is for reporting matters related to reporting knowledge is not comprehensive, issued a "leading cadres report personal matters" test questions, answer the test required people fill in before validation knowledge. The five is to grasp the city’s cadres with zhengkeji substantive reporting, issued a "substantive zhengkeji cadres basic information table", asked to report each unit of the city’s various regions zhengkeji substantive cadres reporting.

discipline quite before. 2015 Xining city based on the city management cadres report personal matters on the work scope will extend to 1387 Zheng Keji leading cadres. In 2016, plans to further broaden the scope of reporting districts and units cadres, propose conditions can be mature leading cadres and cadres’ Deputy institutions into the scope. In order to ensure the filling quality, Xining city will continue to adhere to high standards and strict requirements, earnestly implement the relevant requirements of the discipline, without any justifiable reason, not on time, do not report or conceal, depending on the circumstances, to give criticism and education, within a time limit, ordered an inspection, criticism, admonishing, cancel the inspection object (reserve cadres) qualification or removed from the post, he was named non leadership positions, dismissal and other treatment; constitute the discipline, disciplinary action in accordance with the relevant provisions.  

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