Xining East District, the third industry quality grades improved significantly

this year, East District of Xining to enhance the catering, accommodation, entertainment, business and other traditional services, so that the quality and level of the third industry has improved significantly, showing a trend of rapid development, has become a major channel for regional economic growth.

this year, the district implemented a total of 24 investment projects, a total investment of $1 billion 519 million. Dongguan, Zhou Jiaquan, Islamic lane, 71 Road area comprehensive development and transformation, to build a comprehensive business district as the axis of the basic layout of the business planning. According to the four kilometer reconstruction plan, to train station comprehensive renovation project as an opportunity to build a modern integrated transport hub and a new landmark of Xining as the "engine", and comprehensively promote the New Millennium International Plaza, mangrove Plaza commercial complex project, Xining eastern region driven area has become the core business district.

in the "Green Fair, the first Xining City Investment Fair as an opportunity to increase investment, promote the development of the three production projects, and international commercial buildings, highland area, Nanshan Road, Delingha Road area of 9 projects successfully signed an agreement, contract amounting to 4 billion 160 million yuan, at present, all projects are all started; continue to support and guide the professional market transformation and upgrading, Qinghai new world, Qinghai 1000 Cordyceps Paterson investment and Development Co. Ltd. and other professional market to consolidate and promote the integration of Wangjiazhuang, Kyrgyzstan, positive, three Eastern small commodity market, built in Xining small commodity wholesale city, to further enhance the radiation efficiency; trade service industry prosperity and development, the basic form of" large business enterprises as the leading enterprises as the backbone, small and medium-sized commercial outlets based "business pattern.

successfully hosted the fifth session of the Qinghai halal food festival, "West, westbound, Xining, folk customs, folk customs, folk music" as the theme for the first time, the festival activities extend to the masses of family, the majority of domestic and foreign guests invited to taste the delicacy of ethnic minority families, to fully experience the ethnic catering culture and folk customs. At the same time, the eastern folk tourism into the festival, combined with the summer tour Xining series of cultural tourism activities, to carry out a series of activities such as theatrical performances, tourism companies to promote. (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)

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