The sixth round of college students around the perfect ending

after three days of fierce competition, the sixth session of the 2016 round of the Qinghai Lake college students cycling race perfect ending. 113 athletes from the University of the 20 harvest here moved, leaving memories.

yesterday in the third stage of the competition, the whole climbing can be said to bring college students limit challenge, even though almost all of them to finish the game. Chengdu Sport University show strong strength, not only won the championship stage, and with a strong advantage of winning the college Lake Race climbing king; students around the race Tingwu Mo veteran although regret missing the championship stage, but with a good sprint ability, become the tournament’s sprint king contest rookie Shizhong in beam; the last moment of force, narrowly wearing the yellow jersey, becoming the tournament championship". In the group, Chengdu Sport University, Gansu Agricultural University, HASA cycling team, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jimei University, Qingdao University of Science & Technology and Beihua University, Amway team points out the top six rankings.

Qinghai sports event management center director Wang Xianzhong introduction, the Tournament Registration teams are very enthusiastic, reached a new number, and the preparation of the sports team is also very full. The Organizing Committee of the games and the preparatory work of the contractors are perfect to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the game, which has been well received by the participating teams. College students around the lake and disabled people around the lake race is an extension of the brand, is the World Expo Organizing Committee to fulfill the specific embodiment of social responsibility. These two events held, so that the influence of the lake race brand has been further improved, the national fitness campaign has been promoted, so the two events in the course of continuous development will get more attention.


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