Xining City, the first introduction of incentives for outstanding research results can be awarded

In November 16th, the city held the first city’s political system theory retreats, study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to further promote the research work of "quality, achievement", and constantly improve the level of political participation. The reporter learned from the meeting, I first formulated the survey results on incentives, research survey of excellent research achievements will be rewarded.

it is understood that the city center in the correct leadership of the municipal government, work closely around the center and major decisions, deepening the understanding of research work, breakthrough the difficulties the focus of research, research to further improve the working mechanism, and actively to carry out the city’s municipal Party committee recommended major and key research, and task decomposition to municipal leadership and the municipal departments, has been the formation of normative documents of the municipal Party committee and municipal government issued annually and routine work, and actively explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of the major and key research topics, first formulated the measures all awards survey results, coordination of district party policy research institutions set up, strengthen the functions of departments, the municipal Party committee the zhengyanshi authorities implement a bold reform of internal management, the implementation of performance appraisal system, optimization and innovation research work The mechanism, effectively promote the party and government system research work to catch events, the overall planning, when the political system transformation of participation, work ability and service level have been comprehensively strengthen. The participants at the meeting in Xining to promote the rapid development of research work, to complete the well-off society to suggestions for the exchange statement.


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