Through the national two sessions Hong Wei do homework conscientiously perform their duties

Two sessions held in the country soon, these days, the new members of the CPPCC National Committee in the auditorium to receive training, the province’s three new members of the division of Dan, Ren Qing Jia, Hong Wei is also among them. According to the arrangement, the new CPPCC National Committee members to participate in two days of training and learning.

at noon on March 1st, the reporter saw a new member of our province in Friendship Hotel Beijing Hong Wei. When he entered his room, he was seriously finishing his proposal – "on the support of the Qinghai Haixi region power grid construction". Hong Wei said he was still thinking, this is a serious matter, we must investigate and study, not something can be written on the Internet can not write things out, but can not answer."

he said, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the western part of the long-term self owned small capacity diesel and natural gas generator isolated small power grid operation, the power of the west coast of the constraints of resource development and industrial development. Although in October last year, Qinghai power grid 110 thousand volt power supply into the cold lake and Haixi Mangya area, but still single supply single loop power supply, low power supply reliability, power supply capacity is limited. The west side of the Taiwan Straits is rich in mineral resources, and it is hoped that the country can support the construction of the local power grid. Before coming to Beijing, he based on the development of Qinghai, a large collection of related materials, and communicate with the relevant departments repeatedly, and ultimately the formation of the proposal. Although he only brought a proposal to participate in the proposal, the text content of the proposal is not long, but hung Wei still looked and thought and thought, changed and changed, hoping to do it more informative, more convincing.

on his desk, there is a small white book, which is the completion of the main economic indicators in Qinghai and Qinghai and the national economic and social development of the main indicators of the relationship between the proportion of data. See we are interested in his little book, Hong Wei smiled and said: "this is my homework before, I am a new member, how to better perform their duties, must strengthen learning, strengthen the research, and in-depth research. In addition to the proposal, I will find the opportunity to speak at the meeting, Qinghai’s economic development is indeed very fast, but also need more opportunities and policy support." He said that to participate in the two sessions is a very serious matter, CPPCC members is not honor is the responsibility". (author: Ni Xiaoying)


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