The most beautiful selection of new faces

A review of the

changes in Xining City, the inventory of the Xining architectural beauty is hot, the most beautiful evening building contest once again usher in a number of new faces, and a number of participating buildings, real estate will debut, welcome readers to continue to pay attention to, participate in the selection.

Xining mayor Wang Yubo recently on the evening the most beautiful building once again given instructions: activities to achieve the popularity of architectural aesthetic sense, strengthen the consciousness of investors, improve the building design approval system to promote the city building more taste, unique, connotation. In accordance with this requirement, the organizers and the selection committee to strengthen the participation of all participating buildings, the first instance of the real estate inspection, and effectively select the most beautiful building in Xining. Nevertheless, still can not stop the enthusiasm of all sectors of the community participation, since the activities carried out, the participating hotline has been ringing non-stop, even in the new year’s holiday, there are still many people call hotline. The real estate is not want to miss this rare opportunity to show themselves, have to enter the contest, a developer told reporters, sponsored by the municipal government of Xining evening news the most beautiful building contest, is a focus on the "review" of Xining and Qinghai Province in the real estate sector, through this activity can not only make the development of the let the owners know real estate, real estate and quality inspection can also position in the minds of consumers, in order to do better in the future real estate development.

It is reported that the content of

, the selection of participating activities include: Xining’s most beautiful building and outstanding design award, Xining city completed or basically completed all kinds of buildings, including public buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, municipal buildings (Park, Plaza, street is not included in the selection range); has the administrative department in charge of examination and approval not yet implemented or can be all kinds of building planning and design is the construction of the registration to participate in the contest. At the same time, will also carry out the Xining real estate (construction) hero selection, to make special contributions to the development of real estate in Xining City real estate (construction) for the selection of enterprises or individuals, in addition will also carry out the readers (users) favorite property selection activities etc.. The authority for the protection of the selection of the director of the selection committee chaired by the deputy mayor of Xining city Xu Guocheng, director of the urban and Rural Planning Bureau, Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority Shi Xin, director of the Xining municipal and Rural Construction Committee Wang Senlin, Xining He Can, Xining evening news agency President Wang Zonghong served as deputy director of the judges, and the expert review group selection.

which is the most beautiful building in Xining, you are the judges. Following the December 27, 2012 launch of the first batch of the most beautiful buildings, real estate, the newspaper will be published in the second batch of candidate projects recently, the majority of readers are welcome to continue to actively elected, participating. (author: Zhang)

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