n 2015, the overall economic operation of Xining

In 2015, the city of Xining in the face of the grim situation of continued downward pressure on the economy, increase the difficulty of reform and development contradiction growing, the strong leadership of the provincial government, the initiative to adapt to the new economic norm, firmly grasp the initiative, the city’s economy is generally stable, complete the objectives and tasks set at the beginning of the year.

A, to steady growth, economic development to a new level. Municipal Party committee set up a leading group of financial work, and earnestly strengthen the leadership of the party’s economic work. With attention to identify the national and provincial policies and the actual situation of Xining, dependable growth in a more prominent position, the annual GDP of 113 billion 162 million yuan, up 10.9%. The city’s local public budget revenue 9 billion 479 million yuan, an increase of 13%. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents was 25232 yuan, respectively, $8865, an increase of 10.2%, respectively, of $8.7%. New urban employment 31 thousand and 400 people, the registered urban unemployment rate was 2.49%. The overall level of consumer prices rose 2.5%. Pay close attention to the development trend of economic development, thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities, the formulation and implementation of a new round of market development has doubled, in support of industrial steady growth, expanding investment such as the introduction of a series of supporting measures, provide policy guarantee for steady growth. Give full play to the role of fiscal funds leveraging, effectively revitalize the financial stock funds 8 billion 340 million yuan, for a higher level of special grants of $14 billion 610 million, an increase of 24.4%. Loans grew by 23.1%, the scale of social financing reached $80 billion 960 million. Adhere to the expansion of investment, on the project, the city’s fixed asset investment growth of 18%, the annual implementation of more than one billion yuan project, the contribution of investment to economic growth rate of up to 59.2% in. Dig the potential of urban and rural consumption, the total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 11.6%, the contribution of consumption to economic growth rate of 42%. Stabilize the real estate market to pick up, real estate investment and real estate sales grew by 13.6%, respectively, the area of 15.3%. Annual tourist reception and tourism revenue grew by 15% and 32%, respectively.

two, firm structure, industrial transformation and upgrading of new progress. From the two aspects of the transfer of stock and incremental improvement of structural adjustment, accelerate the development of new energy. The city’s industrial added value grew by 12.72%, the Development Zone industrial added value growth rate of 18.41%, accounting for the proportion of the city’s total of 75.24%, played a major role in the main engine. Accelerate the development of new formats, new products, new models and new services, the proportion of the third industry to increase the value of the increase of 2 percentage points, registered local electricity supplier of 23, e-commerce transactions grew by 17.5%. The construction of the provincial high tech Industrial Development Zone approved, Xining Zhongguancun science and technology achievement industrialization base landing chase, start the "double" Chengbei district space area construction. To strengthen the construction of modern agriculture city, grain and vegetables and meat and other livestock products increased steadily. More than 16 leading enterprises at the municipal level, cultivate farmers and herdsmen at all levels of professional cooperatives, family farms, farmers, farmers, cultivate Huangzhong oats and other agricultural brands, such as 442. ;

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