College entrance examination students should be published hard conditions

February 17th, the provincial admissions forwarded notice of the Ministry of education teaching secretary in 2014 1 document "on 2014 the ordinary higher school recruit students walked to work" (referred to as the "notice"), announced the general college entrance admission qualification this year.

pointed out that the "notice", with one of the following conditions of the candidates have the 2014 college entrance admission qualification: in high school was named the provincial outstanding students of the high school graduates; senior secondary education to obtain the National School Olympiad finals prize and was selected for the Chinese science and Technology Association of high school graduates in mathematics, physics, chemistry, international biology, Informatics Olympiad national team training; only for college foreign language majors, approved by the Ministry of education has recommended walks students qualified foreign language middle school in high school students, moral education and continuous learning achievement outstanding high school graduates; in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Education Ministry of public security, the public security martyrs with their children; the State Sports General Administration, the Ministry of education and other 6 departments (bureau) issued "on the To further improve the retired athletes employment opinion "(herringbone 2002 No. 411) in the relevant requirements of walks of retired athletes, which won the top three national sports competitions, sports competitions, Asian top six world top eight sports and sports items collective sports, athletics sports, martial arts the project of Wuying level and other projects, International Master of sports title of retired athletes.


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