Office of the office of Xining Xiguan Street blocked sewage wells through

family hospital sewer blockage, causing inconvenience to the residents. Offices and other related units on-site office, quickly solve the problem.

April 24th, residents of Xining City, two West Main Street bus company hospital stink, affect the normal life of residents. West Main Street North Lane community offices and meteorological staff rushed to the scene to check and found that the families of hospital sewage wells aging, coupled with the surrounding Street merchants to the sewage well dump debris, oil, water wells and the main pipeline caused serious congestion, sewage crosscurrent. Staff immediately contact with the West District sanitation company, organized households, shops along the street, more than and 100 people held a coordination meeting of the relevant units. In the streets, communities and responsible persons under the coordination and supervision, after two days of intense construction, the afternoon of April 26th, the sewage wells and sewage pipes clogged.

May 1st, the office of urban management department and the shops along the street signed a "three bags before the door," the responsibility, and to the West Main Street shops along the street issued a ban on the green belt with sewage poured notice.


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