2016 China Qinghai e-commerce development forum held

May 21st, sponsored by the provincial government of the 2016 China Qinghai e-commerce development forum held in Chaoyang national e-commerce demonstration base. The forum invited some well-known experts and scholars, was a keynote speech on "business in rural communities", and for the development of electronic commerce in Qinghai positive suggestions, to discuss the electricity supplier development model and layout, promote the further development of electronic commerce in Qinghai.

with the acceleration of China’s information technology, e-commerce is becoming an important driving force to promote economic growth, promote industrial upgrading, restructuring business model, improve the consumption environment. In recent years, the provincial government attaches great importance to and vigorously support, in the active participation of enterprises, Qinghai e-commerce has entered a period of rapid development. 2015, the province’s online retail sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, an increase of nearly four times in the past three years. At the same time, in order to adapt to the development of the new model of the new format of electronic commerce, governments at all levels are innovative thinking and ways of serving enterprises; to create a working demonstration as the starting point, to promote the province’s e-commerce service ability. At the same time, our province is also a model of e-commerce into the countryside as an opportunity to actively explore the development of characteristic industries in poor areas, to carry out new ways and means of production and marketing convergence, leading poor farmers and herdsmen to get rid of poverty. Today, e-commerce has become the province’s traditional industries to promote cross-border exploration, innovation and development of boosters, become a new platform for public entrepreneurship and innovation.


forum, Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center National Electronic Commerce Institute executive vice president Li Mingtao, director of Jingdong in Northwest Song Peng, rush street network mode of Suichang founder Pan Junyue, Liu CEO, China Telecom sent contact network group No. 100 Information Service Co. Ltd. e-commerce department general manager Liang Zhifeng, Le cattle company president Bian Pengfei were around the village treasurer in 13th Five-Year the electricity supplier development trend and policy choice "and" how to open up the development of the electricity supplier industry links "and" from the "Suichang model" to see the county’s electricity "," agricultural products to take the electricity supplier road "and" to build a new electricity supplier ecology, electricity supplier how to boost regional economic development "as the theme of the speech, and province the commerce department is responsible for the Qinghai rural electronic commerce development strategies of the theme of the dialogue.


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