Health China project requires a few hurdles

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March (14) – "healthy China" "national fitness new fashion" "one year life expectancy per capita" has become a hot word. They believe that health is not just the concept of Chinese medicine, but also to prevent the main, mark forward, play an important role in physical fitness, so that the people become the master of health protection.

national fitness new fashion needs to solve four major problems

2014 in October, the State Council issued the "opinions on accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption", national fitness rose to national strategy. On behalf of members believe that the document issued more than a year ago, although the country has put forward specific objectives of the task, the development of the relevant planning, but the implementation is still facing some problems.

one to solve the problem of fitness. The masses fitness consciousness is not strong, often take part in physical exercise population proportion is not high.

two to solve the "fitness" problem. Sports facilities, especially the number of sports facilities around the masses is not much, incomplete. Large sports venues utilization is not high, ordinary people can afford affordable affordable supply of sports services.

three to solve the fitness problem. Mass sports organizations and social sports instructors serious shortage, resulting in the lack of scientific fitness guidance.

four to solve the problem of financial security. National fitness campaign to attract their own social capital is poor, the national health funding mechanism needs to be further improved.

per capita life expectancy to improve the age of chronic disease prevention and treatment

National People’s Congress, the State Planning Commission of science and Technology Research Institute Ma Xu said, the average life expectancy increased by one year to reach two points, one is to change the heavy medical light "anti" ideas, two is a chronic disease needs to be effective governance.

the National Planning Commission released in 2014 "Chinese residents health literacy monitoring report" shows that China every 100 15-69 year olds, fewer than 10 people have basic health literacy, especially chronic disease prevention literacy is low.

according to statistics, the death of chronic diseases in China accounted for 85% of the total mortality of residents, resulting in the burden of disease has accounted for the total burden of disease of 70%. At present, the incidence of chronic diseases in China has been "blowout" situation.

"with the further intensification of the aging population in our country, if we do not take effective prevention and control, chronic disease may also become a serious social problem." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, the Party committee of Ningxia chairman Dai Xiuying suggested that will enhance the prevention and control of chronic diseases to the national strategic level.

at present, the country has high blood pressure, diabetes prevention and control into the basic public health services, but for cholesterol disease education and management is not enough. Dai Xiuying proposal to strengthen the formulation of national chronic disease prevention and control plan, will reduce salt, weight control, strengthen physical exercise, healthy diet, tobacco control and other controllable behavior included in the system monitoring and evaluation.

healthy China construction urgent need to co-ordinate force;

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