Old car scrapped update subsidy standards introduced

reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the old car scrapped subsidies and subsidies for the introduction of the scope of the vehicle, the old car will be eligible to receive 18000 yuan subsidy.

it is understood that during the period from January 1, 2014 to December 31st, sold to scrap auto recycling enterprises, the use of more than 10 years (including 10 years) and did not reach the specified service life, and in the same year to update the tractor and the total mass greater than 12000 kg (12000 kg) of the heavy truck (including ordinary truck, van truck, truck warehouse gate, closed trucks, tank trucks, flatbed trucks, container trucks, dump trucks, trucks and other special structure models, excluding the full trailers and semi trailers), the subsidy standard is 18000 yuan per vehicle.

in accordance with the scope of subsidies of the old car owners, according to the relevant provisions, by "update the old car is scrapped subsidies application form" (in place of the old car is scrapped update joint service window to receive subsidies, or downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Commerce), "scrap auto recycling certificate" (triple), the original "motor vehicle registration certificate" the original and a copy of the scrapped vehicle copy of vehicle license or vehicle registration certificate copy, update vehicle invoice and a copy of the original and effective identity certificate and a copy of the original, and the owner of the same name of a bank account passbook or unit account certificate certificate apply for subsidies.


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