The city 65 law to accept the provincial work

On the morning of August 19th, the "65" law popularization and the "Xining" period in accordance with the rule of law in 12th Five-Year will be held. Wang Xiao of secretary of municipal Party committee and city leaders Su Rong, Zhang Yonghai, Zhang Zhijun, Pan Zhigang, attended the meeting full of material. On the same day, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ji Renfeng, as the head of the provincial province of law third provincial assessment team began on the city, the 65 law and the rule of law in accordance with the rule of law in Xining construction work assessment.

will, the assessment team watched the documentary "the rule of law the rule of law Xining Tour", listen to the Xining city "65" and the "12th Five-Year" period of the rule of law work situation report. Within a few days after the meeting, the assessment team will also be relevant information access, and field research. The reporter learned from the meeting, since 2011, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, in the careful guidance of administering the province leading group work, I focus on the "three areas", "development strategy, play the role of leading the radiation of capital city, the full implementation of the" 65 year plan ". Carry out legal publicity and education, the full implementation of the rule of law construction in Xining, the work has achieved remarkable results, provide a strong guarantee for the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness. Since the "65" law, the city Party committee and government of the law into the important work schedule, included in the overall economic and social development planning and economic work with the deployment, examination and assessment, the formation of the working mechanism of "Party leadership, supervision of the National People’s Congress, government, the participation of the whole society", make organizations more perfect concerted mechanism, more effective, more scientific management mechanism and guarantee mechanism of funds more in place, the assessment of incentive mechanism is more standardized and more effective mechanism of democratic supervision.

five years, our city to enhance people’s awareness of the rule of law, cultivating the legal belief of citizens for the purpose of grasping the focus of the work, adhere to guidance, continue to deepen the "law into the organs", "law school", "law into the country" and "law into the community, into the enterprise law" and "law the temple", "legal units" activities, and constantly promote the upgrading of the rule of law education. At the same time, the city adhere to democratic legislation to lead the construction of the government ruled by law is the key to guarantee judicial justice as the core, to promote the social construction of the rule of law as the foundation, to further promote the rule of law, accelerate the construction of rule of law in Xining, to provide effective legal protection for the "two city" construction.

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