Thousands of old people with the trend of learning to play online WeChat

In October 23rd, the reporter started from the old intelligent mobile phone, computer network training ceremony was informed that the Qinghai Provincial Association of social work training will be free for our province million elderly people are intelligent mobile phone and computer network application, to enable the elderly to study, learn and be happy.

"now computer, intelligent mobile phone, the children will play, we can not lag behind." 75 year old Wang Popo said. It is understood that the Qinghai Provincial Association of social work for the community to meet the needs of the elderly, in 28 community social work station and homes for the aged people to take more concentrated, centralized and decentralized combined with small decentralized flexible based approach to training, training of 100 elderly people in each social work station and nursing homes every year the annual training plan, about 3000 elderly people, and long-term training. The content of the training for the computer basic knowledge, basic computer applications, computer network knowledge, QQ application, login and chat. At the same time, realize intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone has the advantages of simple operation, the intelligent control to intelligent mobile phone and computer security protection and maintenance, in order to make the elderly more information into modern life, keep pace with the times, rich old age.  

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