70 yuan achievement of a million people with disabilities

disabled people have always been considered to be a vulnerable group in our life, compared with normal people, there are many restrictions, many of the normal people they can not be completed. However, today, Xiao Bian will take you to a more powerful than normal people, do a lot of normal people can not complete the task of disabled people’s story!

start empty-handed by 70 yuan

20 years old that year, Zhou Yanjun ushered in the first turning point in life. When he dropped out of school. With his father gave him 70 dollars and hazy business idea, he went to the County alone to fend for themselves. There is a local custom, wedding gifts popular painting tablet. Zhou Yanjun think this is a business can play their own expertise. The first month into the county, Zhou Yanjun did not earn enough money to pay the rent, the landlord was out the door. Zhou Yanjun’s honest touched second landlord, not only the low rent house for him, also promised to pay the rent at the end of the year. There is a place to stay, Zhou Yanjun left the living expenses, the remaining money to buy glass, paint, paint, opened his first store. He started to paint a mirror screen, people celebrate the birthday, he painted the old pine; others married, he painted dragon and Phoenix, plus a glass frame, to improve the level of. Mirror screen costs about 2 yuan per unit, sold to $3.8, Zhou Yanjun’s original accumulation is from the subtle difference between the 2 yuan together.

wanted to find a friend to borrow money, did not expect to hit the second time in my life. Money is not borrowed. He was disappointed in Liuzhou shopping mall. A pith made of three-dimensional painting plaque inside the mall so that he shines. He recognized that this is the new product can be developed, a seal of Guizhou Guiding printed painting plaque on the edges. Regardless of the distance and travel inconvenience, he sat on a long-distance bus to Guiding. Perhaps the reason is ugly in appearance to pretend to purchase business, Zhou Yanjun did not cause the vigilance, he carefully visited the whole process, I also bought a product and improvement of the home with half a catty of rice. The modified paintings.

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