Excellent Naitu founder tells his rich experience

3D colorful paint particles have been very common in the building materials market, the recognition and acceptance of this product are relatively high, the leading brand and Naitu 3D particles in colorful paint industry is a step by step how to develop to today? Now let’s look at what the founders said.

14, China’s first comprehensive inspection of the quality of the products and the trust of the census, in the inspection process, the emergence of a number of outstanding national conformity assessment quality trustworthy products. As 3D and Naitu paint colorful granules leading in the inspection quality level exceeds the same industry leading position, won the praise of the community way ahead.

today Nanjing excellent environmental Mstar Technology Ltd Naitu re winning, it had to 3D the research and production of colorful paint particles and related background of interest. In this regard, Nanjing economic TV station interviewed on the 3D and Naitu colorful paint particles founder Mr. Li, in order to better for the public Naitu 3D uncover the mysterious veil of colorful paint particles.

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