Jobs to the marketing of the ten inspiration

Jobs brings us to the shock has continued to the present, and there is no high degree of his, is how to create amazing scientific achievements. The following article is to introduce Jobs excels.

                so, what is it that makes him so great? Yeah, that’s his innate marketing talent. Guy , who had worked in Jobs’s hands, Kawasaki said: "Steve is the greatest marketer of all time.

1) looking for a good mentor                 beyond doubt, Jobs is a genius. But he’s smart enough to keep looking for something to learn. His first teacher was Regis  McKenna, the legendary Silicon Valley marketer. When Apple was still a two – man company in the garage, Jobs found him. With the help of McKenna, Jobs found Apple’s first angel investor and marketing leader – Mike  Markkula. He joined apple as an employee (for a while he was CEO) and created a set of apple from 35 years ago has been adhering to the current marketing principles.

                later, Jobs began with advertising expert Lee  TBWAChiatDay; Clow, which he created in 1984, Apple’s most famous "Think "; Different   advertising. As a result, Lee  Clow became Jobs’s lifelong adviser and confidant. Jobs tells us through his experience that no matter how good you are, there will still be more and more powerful characters than you, try to find them and listen to what they say.

2) to create a great product

                former Apple evangelist Kawasak once said, "Steve is creating a great product, rather than those who casually took out of the East.

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