Five points to keep in mind in operating a clothing store

clothing industry has always been a very large industry demand, is also very popular business sectors, many clothing store owner had no business experience, for them, to the clothing store shop business is hot, need to master certain skills, so you better run faster, get rich. So, how to manage clothing store in order to win? Do the following five points, easy to earn!

1, choose a good direction

is already decided to run men’s clothing, or women’s clothing, to do the mind to be very clear, not a clothing wholesale market, see what is good, what do you want to do. You must have a clear idea, do the best clothing is single-minded if your shop is very large, you can do men’s clothing, or women’s clothing. Don’t forget to do what you want to do in the market.

2, clothing positioning

clothing positioning, is to do the brand, or do student clothing, or clothing for the elderly, or children’s clothing, for your purchase of clothing for market research. All wholesale sports clothing wholesalers you have to understand, take a notebook to remember what kind of wholesale sports clothing, what kind of price, who is a good wholesale, who purchase more people, who shop business boom.

can be a business card, you must keep in mind that this is your wealth. Other observations to purchase, into what kind of goods, where to sell, if you find this person to purchase, that is he sell well, you will follow him to his shop to secretly investigation, to help you immediately set up shop.

3, clothing purchase

all ready, now is the stock, if this is your first time on the goods you have to pretend to familiar appearance, and the dealer can talk about the price, because you can tell others a clothing price, so the boss see you very knowledgeable, not a novice, novice is not answer the boss, there is a China call: know friends than ever. So in the first purchase will not spend a lot of money, but also in order to pull you to give you a discount.

4, clothing placed

finished goods should be placed on the clothing store, the overall effect do people feel very good store, can go to visit wholesalers or stores, retail shops, put clothes to study there, so your store can greet customers with a new look.

5, promotional activities

new shop, better do some promotional activities, can according to your store size decided to buy gifts. Now there are still a lot of people recommended

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