Help people talk about their own monthly salary

everyone wants to own high wages, but a lot of people in the specific salary negotiation is not professional, leading to their unwise in the price above, so there will be a professional salary family, Xiao Bian here to introduce you to a, by others talk about salary, I can earn twenty thousand.

How to locate the

" well, that’s settled. I’ll pay him $2400 a month. " 2008 Snow in Nanjing after the salary consultant Lin Yan was a graduate of the " of customers; on the weigh " salary to hire an Internet company. Company executives hold Lin Yan’s hand, said the beginning of this paragraph.

2005 in April, Lin Yan’s cousin to find work in Nanjing. Linger on the talent market after half a month, Nanjing a small advertising company agreed to hire her, but the salary is 1000 yuan.

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