Alternative entrepreneurial experience female college students entrepreneurial chat chat to 2 millio

since the country introduced suspension entrepreneurship policy, many college students are eager to want to temporarily leave the University, to experience the process of entrepreneurship. Wu Shiyu, a 21 year old sophomore, was brave enough to try and change her life.

"tourism products are many, but no one can meet the needs of my travel." Wu Shi Yu said, "I want to make a product, it can satisfy all my travel demand first, can solve all aspects of food and clothing". So, sophomore next semester ended, Wu Shi Yu decided to leave entrepreneurship.

website first month turnover of over 500 thousand

"website of the first month turnover of more than 500 thousand yuan, is the first stage of the fruit!" Wu Shiyu’s partner, Pan Siji, told reporters on the website of the transaction and transfer records.

Cause (motivated)

and alumni chat to get 2 million start-up capital


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