Open stores to pay attention to what matters

although there are a lot of people’s business failed in the end, but also have a lot of people doing business is fast, open stores is a common thing. However, the opening of the branch is not a small thing, naturally, there are more attention should be paid attention to. So, what matters should be open to the store?

1. to the branch of the industrial and commercial management agencies to apply for a business license, to receive a business license within 30 days from the date of tax registration, more than the time limit, to be punished.

2. if you opened the store is not under the jurisdiction of a competent tax authority in accordance with the tax, so the "territorial management" principle, you have to open stores respectively accounts, respectively to the local tax authorities of tax declaration. If you open the branch jurisdiction by the same tax bureau can be unified accounting, consolidated filing.

If you open the

3. branch to establish accounts alone, and the bill and can meet the requirements, the tax authorities will be levied on the tax quota; otherwise they should be approved levy.

4, the branch must be registered with their own trade mark, so that you can guarantee that no matter where you shop, because of the need to change the name overlap.

5. open stores should be transferred from headquarters management personnel and management personnel to the stores, if you want to recruit new employees, you must train them, so as to maintain the operating characteristics and the principle of the store will not be changed.

6. to choose a good store store. You choose to store you must comply with the business needs of the project, facade design best and the original store almost cannot have too big change, if you want to have a big change, it should be and the original store uniform decoration.

7. ready for stock. The store opened to engage in promotional activities, will need a batch of goods, should arrange in advance so as not to rush at the last minute.

8. note that each cross area to open a branch, industry and commerce, planning, fire prevention, and environmental protection departments make a deal, and every year to the annual examination, this will bring some burden to the shop, needs to be prepared.

open stores after all not small things, there are many issues we need to deal with, a lot of attention to local needs, we only careful. This will make the store opened successfully, and then realize the business profit easily, quickly, lucrative.

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