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Ma Dong, Xia Chen, and Gu Yongqiang (from left to right) think that the content of IP is the core".


Gong Yuai art founder and CEO


Sun Zhonghuai, vice president of Tencent Inc


Gu Yongqiang, chairman and CEO

April 21st, sponsored by Communication University of China China network video research center and the five largest video website "Chinese network video annual forum and the first" Academy Award – Golden Spider award awards ceremony held in Beijing, China network video, executive director of the research center of Xia Chen An, Iqiyi founder and CEO Gong Yu, a group chairman and CEO Victor Koo, vice president of Tencent Inc sun Zhonghuai LETV, co-founder and vice chairman Liu Hong gathered on the development pattern and the plight of the current video website on their own views, lead to price competition, IP fever, network broadcast and other hot topics and thinking behind the tangle. The award ceremony, the establishment and issue of the annual program, the annual figure and other four areas of the ten awards.

noun interpretation

IP that is Intellectual Property, Chinese as "intellectual property rights". In recent years, a large number of people in the Internet industry have been referred to as the overall development, the development of their derivatives / industry "project". IP can be a novel, a movie, a game, an animation, or a person. The recent explosion of red "Tomb notes" "spend thousands of bones" "Nirvana in Fire" is representative of the "IP".

IP copyright

hated, make me sick "

Gong Yuai, founder and CEO

video website development in China over the past decade, the video industry has gradually evolved into BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) three giants + Sohu + music as the hegemony pattern. China network video research center executive director Xia Chenan described the pattern of such a "foreign Neibaige contend on the meeting of wind and clouds," trend.

2015, Iqiyi homemade network drama "Tomb notes" open "pay in advance to see drama" mode, tore the industry paid membership outlet. The forum, Iqiyi founder and CEO Gong Yu said: "the charges marked China video website to enter the second stage of development." But the first "screen" stage, the seemingly simple the traditional film and television content over the Internet video, but led to the purchase price of "burn the game content".

according to Baidu’s 2015 annual report shows that the video site content copyright investment continued to grow. Iqiyi’s 2015 cost and expenses reached 7 billion 670 million yuan, up 92.8% compared to 3 billion 983 million yuan in 2014, the content of the cost increase of up to 136%. In the market for 6 years before Iqiyi, the burning Game >

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