Electricity supplier is not the only one to play the most profitable vertical electricity supplier T

Author: Wei Wei {WeChat public account: weiwuzy}

business, I do not know when to become the pronoun of "burning". Do business like Jingdong and where customers like to burn billions of dollars to play? Our vision should not be limited in here, only know that the burn buy traffic, expanding the scale, outside the capital market to cater to the business, there are some real business rules in the operation of the electricity supplier. These small and beautiful business proved that the electricity supplier is not only a play.

1 AFU essential oil


index of money: it assumes

industry category cosmetics electricity supplier

on-line time September 2009

founder Meng wake


AFU oil, Taobao shop cosmetics category ranked first brand. Its founder Meng Xing (ye ye) revealed that AFU oil every year there are several hundred million sales. But the main focus of God carved now has been transferred to the catering business, I believe you must have heard of the "carved sirloin" (see the black report).

Whether it is

or sirloin oil business nature God carved are in fact the Internet business philosophy that a "focus, extreme, reputation, fast". God carved has been a practitioner of small and beautiful business, he focused on product positioning, adhere to the less the number of single product, and strive to achieve the ultimate in a category, have a good reputation, and then use the long tail of the Internet occupied the commanding heights, earn pours. On behalf of AFU oil is small and beautiful with a small electricity supplier, to achieve the ultimate product, to continue to polish with the product manager of the spirit, in essence not much, the Internet will naturally enlarge its value.

2 chunshuitang


index of money: it assumes

industry category fun supplies electricity supplier

on-line time January 2003

founder Lin Degang

originated in the "SARS" period of the hall, now has become the first brand China fun supplies, firmly occupy the hundreds of billions of market leaders. Chunshuitang early can earn high profits because the market is in the blank, a lot of people are afraid to open sex shop. In a very long period of time, the founder of Lin Degang even afraid to admit that you are the Department of physics of Nankai University graduates, only because of fear of being despised students.

chunshuitang initially just Adult supplies distributor network. After 2005, chunshuitang decided to transition into Adult supplies, fashion industry. In the view of Lin Degang, many products on human organs, one can reject, and the weakening of erotic color, exquisite design, aesthetic feeling, more like a toy. From then on, the hall "started to go high-end, the atmosphere, the grade of the road management products are diversified, the introduction of more.

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