The first case of hijacking of the domain name of the country cracked documentary

China IDC circle on September 19th reported: in September 11th, Wuxi City District Court sentenced the country’s public security organs cracked the first use of hijacked domain name server method to destroy the computer information system case.

domain name server (also known as DNS) is an important equipment of the internet. When people want to visit a web site on the Internet, the general will enter the web site of the English alphabet. In fact, the real Web site is composed of 10 0-9 numbers. The computer is unable to recognize the English alphabet, it can only identify the number, it will send the letter to the network service provider server parsing request. The server will parse these letters into a digital returned to the user’s computer, Internet users successfully landed on a website. Information age, online banking, online transactions, electronic files and other related to the interests of hundreds of millions of Internet users. Because of this, the domain name server has become the object of cyber criminals coveted. The second half of 2007, the Ma Zhisong Gang network thief implementation of the domain name server hijacking crime, involving 31 City National Computer poisoning of millions of Internet users. The big cyber crime alerted the Ministry of public security.

refers to the "elegant" maze

cousin program

July Chengdu Jiaoyangsihuo, a 30 year old youth wandering the streets in the city, feel so hot. His name is Ma Zhisong, an Internet cafe in Chengdu. This job is very easy, but the limited income cannot meet his pursuit of life scene of debauchery. Those who become rich, millions, millions and even billionaires are his idols. He hopes to become rich that day as soon as possible. He’s on the Internet looking for a chance to make a fortune……

on a day in July, Ma Zhisong on the Internet and a called "elegant" friends chat. "Elegant" told him that now there is a technology that can hijack the Internet domain name server, that is, the domain name server can be resolved by cheating the domain name on any server. The speaker has no intention, the listener interested, Ma Zhisong mind immediately thought, can hijack the domain name server access to the user to cheat with the Trojan server, steal user access to the game to make money. Ma Zhisong immediately asked "elegant" there is no hijacking procedures, "elegant" said: I do not have, I only have a hijacking program source code. Say, he will be a source code sent to Ma Zhisong. In this way, in the heart of the desire to be buried in the fire was ignited.

since then, according to the elegant source code, Ma Zhisong day and night to study how to prepare the hijacking process. But after all, he did not accept the education of specialized computer programming, the face of the technical problem, he thought he had learned programming cousin Peng Xu in Shuangliu County occupation high school. Ma Zhisong a phone call from Shuangliu County to Chengdu, the idea of hijacking the domain name server told Peng Xu Peng Xu. Peng Xu because of the long-term unemployed, but also for the money to worry, cousin’s ideas so that he shines.

Since then,

simply resigned from the network operator

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