Microsoft sued the world’s 63 auction site MSN defendant

Microsoft to combat piracy is best, because the online sale of pirated Windows and Office software, Microsoft even also on the court, is the interpretation of a return to the public.


Microsoft to combat piracy to prosecute their own crazy, MSN Shopping website.

It is reported that

, Microsoft to combat piracy, has filed a lawsuit in 12 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Dominica, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand, the 63 auction sites, including Amazon, eBay, including its MSN Shopping.

days ago, Microsoft anti piracy and anti counterfeiting group said that there are more and more fake Microsoft products to sell online, Windows and Office series of software piracy has become the hardest hit, even humor made $9.95 "blue" version of Office, Microsoft have launched such products.

it is understood that the blue version of the software does not need to be activated, very popular in the auction site, a seller in actually sold pirated sold four stars.

in addition to the prosecution of the 63 auction sites, Microsoft also said it would punish the company to buy pirated products. The defendants have been told to stop the infringement and wait for the next step.

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