Announcement on the implementation of special action against online pornography

Xinhua Beijing April 13 on the development of online pornography to combat special action announcement

today, the Internet pornographic information repeated, repeated playing without a break, serious harm to the mental health of minors, seriously corrupt social values, the community abhorrence of the people requires strict regulation of the strong voice. For the law to crack down on the production of pornographic information using the Internet, the anti pornography working group office, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry decided that since mid April 2014 to November, a nationwide unified campaign to combat Internet pornographic information pornography · net net 2014 special action. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

a comprehensive inventory of online pornographic information. Relevant departments across the Internet, search engines, application stores and other Internet information service providers and network TV stick, set-top boxes and other equipment, a comprehensive inventory. The text, pictures, video, advertising and other information containing pornographic content shall be deleted immediately.

two, according to the law severely punish the dissemination of pornographic information dissemination of enterprises and personnel. The dissemination of pornographic information on the issue of serious websites, channels, columns, according to the law shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification or to be closed, according to the relevant provisions of the administrative license revoked. Illegal sites, shall be closed or cancel the qualification of the internet. According to the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" and the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on using the Internet dissemination of obscene electronic information in criminal cases the application of law on judicial interpretation of such laws and regulations on the production, copying, publishing, selling, dissemination of obscene electronic information alleged to constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. For the dissemination of pornographic information provided by the conditions of telecommunications services, Internet access services, advertising services, service providers and other charges, according to the relevant criminal administrative responsibility. From the date of promulgation of this announcement, the production of pornographic information dissemination, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations severely punished.

three, strictly implement the main responsibility of Internet companies. Immediately carry out self-examination to the Internet, basic telecom operators, Internet access services for enterprises to take the initiative to clean up the Internet pornographic information or links, strict implementation of information security management system, improve the content of audit mechanism, technical measures application information to prevent the spread of pornographic propagation conditions, research and development, may not provide channels for pornographic information.

four, serious accountability for dereliction of duty. In accordance with the relevant management responsibilities, the lax regulation making dissemination of pornographic information event occurs, resulting in adverse social impact, seriously investigated according to discipline supervision department, administrative approval or filing department responsible dereliction of responsibility. On the basis of illegal telecommunications operators, Internet information services companies, according to the law and the legal representative of the responsible person.

five, welcome the masses of complaints and reports. In accordance with the relevant report >

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