‘m afraid of writing

seat belt

when I was driving, I wasn’t willing to wear a seat belt.

"please fasten your seat belt for your safety, sir."."

copywriter wouldn’t say that, instead of threatening you.

"if you’re tired of the world, go on. A short-lived ghost, usually not wearing a seat belt."


children’s toys

when you don’t want to buy a toy for your little boy, you’re afraid of writing.

"toys for children’s IQ development."

copywriter doesn’t like to talk about this, he’ll tell you about it.

"without a toy, the little boy will take the chick as a toy."


when I don’t want to go to the training class to learn English, I am afraid of writing a copy of the people.

"learn English well and have a good future."

this kind of words are people say, copy is not so coax you.

"now has a monthly salary of thirty thousand, but it will English work, you had to sadly sigh."



when I don’t want to buy a safe, I’m afraid of writing.

"please take care of your money."

copywriter came at this time, so you really worried about your cash watch jewelry.

"the thief, most do not want to live."


when you’re too lazy to buy a condom, you’re afraid of a copywriter.

is responsible for himself, is responsible for others."

rest assured that the text can not be so gentle.

"if you’re pregnant, I promise you, your mother will kill you."


skin care products

when you are afraid to spend money not to buy a good quality skin care products, you are afraid of writing a copy of the people.

"dear, good for your skin."

copywriter doesn’t talk like that. They always tell you what you don’t want to happen.

"OK, as long as you are willing to become old spinster."


when I was too lazy to exercise to lose weight, I was afraid of writing a copy of the people.

"fitness benefits"

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