5.28 network security incidents nternet security alarm bells ringing

May 28th, Ctrip has paralyzed the event website downtime events, the social influence to the 2014 Openssl bleeding heart loophole events. In May this year, first announced the unfamiliar street "due to network failure, unfamiliar street is temporarily unable to normal use, then NetEase said" backbone network attacks, mobile applications, the game cannot access ", and then to 2 days ago, Alipay account can not log in and pay for fault. Although the cause of the event is different, but it is a threat to the user experience, product service and brand public relations, and even property security.


reason for the website paralysis, the official responded: "1:30 on May 29th, after Ctrip technical investigation, confirmed that the incident was due to the employee’s mistake operation causes, but solemnly declare that the data is not lost, booking data also preserved. Due to Ctrip involved in the business, applications and services, verify the function between the application and the service is running properly, took a long time. Ctrip official website and APP has been fully restored to normal 28 23:29. Inconvenience caused to the user, Ctrip once again apologize."

in the event, although there are no users reflect the occurrence of the actual loss, but caused the majority of consumers questioned on the Internet: "enterprise users of personal information are various sites, once the security problems of information security of Internet users in the end is who to protect


May frequent outages, had occurred in the capital, with billions of sitting on hundreds of millions of users of Internet companies, even such a large number of the enterprise information system, encountered fault, are unable to take time for, should reflect on? According to KnownSec’s cloud defense platform to accelerate the music director of the Ximeng introduction, at present, many Internet companies did not establish the correct sense of security, even the basic disaster backup are "cold standby mode, but not on a regular basis and web server system for testing, not to mention the upgrading of enterprises protection system to deal with the more gradually developed black production means.

May Internet company several outages are no accident, this is the domestic Internet companies ignore the data management and security consequences. Internet companies are developing rapidly, and security is the cornerstone of development and lifeline, enterprises must strengthen safety awareness, and from the inside out of the full implementation of. Do a good job of internal control, personnel management, external security to do their own data management and security protection. It is reported that accelerated music has started the site testing, penetration testing special service group, providing testing services for the enterprise online business, for the detection of problems, targeted solutions. Not only that, accelerate the music has the largest domestic anti D cluster, can take time for up to 300G traffic DDoS attack, let the enterprise online business from hackers distress.

this event sounded the alarm for Internet companies, data security is the lifeblood of the enterprise, must be firmly in hand. KnownSec, cloud defense platform to accelerate the music to join the brand launched "Internet plus enterprise online business value plan" >

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