Robin Li sheep management, Lu Qi disk access is Baidu so in the bucket

ancient tusigoupeng diaojingongcang, together, Dajiangshan hero will always be when the emperor deposed.

achieves guku million, but the people behind the cool thin perhaps is the heart "or arrogant to die together, or only live a short reality".

Robin Li has been looking for a good product manager, to integrate their products for the future to sort out a good combing. At the same time also want to let the product manager has enough business intelligence, so as to ensure the traditional search business profitability continued to increase.

is really harsh, almost no one can meet the requirements of the industry. Apple Jobs is dead, and do not worry about the commercial Tencent Zhang Xiaolong, Dr. Wang Jian Ali also called a liar, want not fayan Robin.

look at the international market for science and technology, with the Baidu business fit, and the Chinese cultural foundation, to be able to live in the town of Baidu internal chaos, can only be the land of the most influential Silicon Valley chinese.

this is the optimal choice of Robin Li Robin.

shop sheep management, business model determines the company fighting grand

and other large companies suffering from disease enterprises, Baidu infighting or cause company management is not professional, from the management point of view, "infighting" is a professional term called "communication cost", is not so bad.

and Baidu’s current situation is actually from the beginning of the company was destined to happen. Especially in such a Internet Co has many business chain can be reduced, so as to focus on business to obtain rapid development, developed after the supplementary business chain is the internal real power faction seriously affects the working efficiency on the grounds of rejection.

Baidu is relying on search advertising technology platform to provide customers with advertising services and survive, relying on Baidu bidding advertising developed, Baidu behind the competition is a huge business force. So in Baidu can say is Robin Li, Ma Dongmin, business, technology, natural lack of a professional product. In Baidu, product post by the business part-time, or Baidu’s product manager is the first to complete the business KPI.

so in Baidu internal business, technology holds the actual business, has a huge voice.

After Baidu

developed, Ma Dongmin from the management for mothers, Robin Li gave birth to four children, the couple two people happy life. A shop Baidu — then go

sheep management!

and Baidu internal technology, commerce senators have put on the VP president, a variety of titles, like just lay the Jiangshan, heroes of work together like lijue. Throughout the Internet industry, there are so many Baidu’s president of the company (Microsoft is one of them), which is Baidu management mistakes.

leaves from COO in 2010 after the resignation of friends, until now only to find the land to take over. Can say >

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