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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 21st news, yesterday announced the upgrade "dangdang.com" was renamed "Dangdang", in the domain of dangdang.com remains unchanged, delete the non keyword "net", also launched a pair of red orb as brand new logo. With fifteen years Dangdang slogan "online shopping" enjoy "Dangdang" also changed to "dare" Dangdang "".

According to Dangdang

brand responsible person said that the upgrade is to upgrade the image of brand heavy plastic, conforming to the demands and occupy aspects based on the demand of time. In order to change the people’s awareness of the book Dangdang electricity supplier, to inject their own fashion gene, is a large-scale transformation of the electricity supplier for an attempt to fashion.

two when the word combination of superposition, making the "Dangdang" two words into a whole, the form of easy to form the impression of a sense of superposition. The bell is very easy to make the new logo and the moment to connect. At the same time in daily life, from the bells "clang" sound is a voice prompt, could give a hint to remind shopping.

2014 is an important turning point in Dangdang, the proportion of non book business has more than 60%, the company is a comprehensive transformation of fashion electricity supplier, the need for a new image re interpretation of the brand connotation. Meet the requirement: with the electricity supplier industry gradually mature, consumers demand more and more diversified and personalized fashion, to upgrade, Dangdang need to adjust the new brand image, to meet the needs of users; occupy time: November 9, 2014, Dangdang usher in fifteen years, at the same time coincides with the Chinese electric double eleven Carnival opportunity is opportune".

Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing pointed out that the next two years, Dangdang will intensify efforts to transform the fashion electricity supplier, the goal is 600 billion yuan in the apparel market share of $60 billion. He pointed out that the current Dangdang books and clothing is the target category, the book category has been very stable, the clothing category will fight into the first and the second industry in 3 years; in addition to the two major target category, Dangdang is actively cultivate the baby, Home Furnishing textile and other competitive category, and when the time is ripe to promote the competitive category conversion to the target category.

With the fierce competition between the

platform and the internal division of the electricity supplier in the field of category, Tmall and Jingdong are gradually clear after the era of electricity supplier and brand image perception, that is to use personalized, fashion brand logo to enclose the young fashion groups. Jingdong in the past year also had high-profile domain name for logo.

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