want to say goodbye to the era of ` ` tired of cheating!

We are

  today I want to share in recent years, the path of “`

I am a born cheating by advertising webmaster, has begun to switch to normal operating station

Today I saw an article:

" 90 Adsense on Ali mother cheat million a month, " I want to tell you this is true, we are in the pedestrian,,, do not ` ` ` `, but not so unassuming 90 meters shrimp.

go to today, advertising more money, have more money, the woman also bubble much fuck ticket also spend much ` `, walked for two years, the   on the ground; it seems to draw a circle back to the starting point of

went into this line in order to survive, because I am currently working in Shenzhen, Shenzhen’s high consumption, the company abandoned the organization can not be abandoned, forced to walk into the line “`

was not one band, relying on others to do to maintain the daily expenses,   a month earn less than 1 thousand yuan, very hard,   see later website advertising GG, starting to do not believe that this can make money, customers took him several months to GG income I see, but only a few knives, but my client told me   if click fraud can earn more, so I have to interest, into the advertisement cheating in this line, just beginning to earn all dollars, not domestic advertising,

price is too low.

in the first month, I started with a new GG (recommend the current GG can get $250), up to now I was the executive ability really is fast enough, the second end of the month I received GG sent a $590 cheque, a cheque is received on the   a get out of hand then, registration, guidance, HK (brush brush foreign black K) and so on, to do.

remember to go abroad when the casino brush HK is the peak period, I earn $  I and his team can earn $more than 1 thousand, one night in   but the account receivables can easily be killed, then use MB and EG collection,   the later domestic overseas all pay the interfaces are blocked,   lead the foreign HK business operation cannot brush ` ` `, this is over, but also other advertising click operation, but the operation is very troublesome,     and easy titles, so it was not long before giving up foreign advertising, go home to “.

domestic advertising price is very low,   is not suitable for the team to do, I will separate each enterprise, the current domestic mainstream advertising is divided into three blocks, and Ali Baidu advertising alliance, and GG, and later MA (MOM), kept woman began to engage in Baidu advertising,   a Baidu account >;

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