The most short-lived P2P platform only live half a day

lead: run away quickly before the ten P2P platform, mainly in the economically developed coastal regions of the south, one of the most "short-lived" platform for life for a long time, the longest life is only 2 months.

as of December 2014, the domestic foot P2P net loan platform up to 338. The top ten fastest foot P2P platform, mainly in the economically developed coastal areas in the south, where the most short-lived platform life for a long time, the longest life span of more than 2 months. This is the reporter learned from the Academy of Social Sciences in the morning.

this morning, the Academy of Social Sciences, China Internet financial integrity alliance jointly issued in 2014 China’s Internet banking industry sentiment analysis report. The report shows that, compared with the central bank’s standardized policies are not cross section, the P2P industry in 2014 showed a pattern of severe shock.

report data show that by the end of 2014, the national operation of the P2P platform is about 2000, more than doubled in 2013, the monthly average compound growth rate of 5.43%. As of December 2014, the domestic cash withdrawal difficulties, failures, foot and other issues P2P platform has reached 338. From the geographical point of view, the problem is the largest platform for the local economy is more developed in Southern China, East China, North China, where Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing and other provinces and cities are relatively prominent.

reporter noted that the 2014 issue of the P2P platform, mainly in two areas of corporate illegal and internal management loopholes. Among them, Shandong Qingdao port metal financing fraud, Zhejiang PO INVESTMENT event, Guangdong Oriental venture run away 9 case events, are violations of regulatory penalties directly.

Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of international finance foreign trade Deputy Director Yuan Shanxiang said, the Internet financial supervision departments should be formulated as soon as possible to improve laws and regulations, establish Internet security information system and social evaluation system, so as to effectively protect the interests of investors, enhancing public confidence in the Internet financial system.

at the same time the public opinion report conference, also held a golden era public opinion monitoring center, the establishment of the ceremony.

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