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technology news (Liang Chen) February 17th news, after the payment, Internet banking, O2O war, a fire point China Internet giants have been aimed at online education.

sources, Alibaba has recently led a low-key online English learning website VIPABC.

it is understood that, VIPABC was founded in 2004, is part of the TutorGroup group, providing live interactive real-time interactive online video English learning platform.

specifically, VIPABC provides a number of foreign teachers and independent research and development of teaching materials, the "customer" (students) can find a teacher to learn English online whenever and wherever possible in April 2012, has received $15 million in qiming.

sources said that the current round of financing amount of about $100 million, led by Alibaba investment, other investors have not yet known.

VIPABC confirmed to the media financing news true. However, Alibaba has not publicly confirmed.

once confirmed that this means that Alibaba will once again attack the online education market. Prior to that, in July 2013, Alibaba has launched Taobao student education channel, the main electronic classroom model.

Alibaba’s online education resources also include Taobao educational products. According to media reports, the 2013 sales of 330 million yuan, of which 1/3 is the teaching material teaching, the other 200 million is the course sales, there have been 150 domestic training and online education platform settled, including Shanghai river network, global school, quality rice network, education etc..

therefore, Alibaba investment VIPABC will improve its layout in the online education market.

in China, in addition to the Internet giants layout online education market there are two teams in the following: one is Shanghai river network, ape exam vertical class online education products, which are currently part of the investment has been; another is the New Oriental, learning and thinking of traditional education giant.

New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong (micro-blog) has said that with the development of the Internet and other modern technology, online education industry will usher in a disruptive change, the next 3-5 years will achieve 40%, line 60% line pattern.

although online education is the future is a foregone conclusion, but ushered in the outbreak of the time it is difficult to determine. Alibaba and other Internet giants to enter, may stir up a new round of competition.

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