2011 China’s most influential entrepreneurs

2011 the annual meeting of the Chinese Internet owners in Beijing today held in the International Conference Center, which is co hosted by the company and the founder of the company’s ten anniversary celebration of the founder of the gathering of the.

the general assembly to the general assembly to welcome the open trend, grab growth opportunities as the theme, invited a large number of Internet Celebrities, as well as many grassroots webmaster, more than 2500 friends attended the meeting.


2001-2011 most influential entrepreneurs

left: Zhou Qiao, Dong Qinfeng, and so on, and so on, the Chinese army, the army, and so on, and so on, and then,, Zeng Zeng, Wang, Zhang,,

2001-2011 the most influential webmaster entrepreneurial profile:

Chinese Army: the founder of the Chinese military software park

entered the Internet world at the age of 33, in the absence of financial and social background, relying on perseverance and charisma to create a Chinese Army software park".

Yao Jianjun: home of CEO

name Yao Jianjun ALFY, born in 1982, Fujian, secondary education, China station (home owners) founder, he gave Chinese grassroots groups and individual owners to bring great help.

Lin Yu: Hangzhou 19 Building CEO

served as deputy editor in chief of city express. Founded in 2001, " 19 floor " forum, led the entrepreneurial team to embark on the road of new media development.

Ceng Muyang: Blue ideal webmaster

has done advertising design, packaging and printing, bar singer and other work, experienced a variety of occupations he returned to the computer, 99 years to Beijing development, in 2005, returned to Changsha to start a business.

Zhou Qiao: 52pk founder

served as the assistant to the president of the group. In 2001 to create a stone age theme information site, 2004 will be the site of a commercial operation in 2008 by the acquisition of yesky. Currently in the two venture.

Dong Qinfeng: Forum Forum

Shaoxing, net name refused to swim fish". Founded 99 years behind the times, advocating freedom, sharing, mutual aid spirit, has a high reputation in the webmaster group.

Zhang Zhengjun: webmaster network CEO

Zhang Zhengjun that figure Wang, A5 webmaster network CEO, graduated from the Southwestern University, from 2000 began to engage in personal websites, has been founded on a variety of Web sites, in 2006 led the team to build network.

Xu Zheng: general manager of Jiyang community

name "nomad", originally created 1998 state workers, Jiyang community, in more than and 10 years the site has been considerable development, in 2008 the establishment of Jiyang Online Technology Development Co.

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