While a good hand look at the happy network in recent years

on "steal food" grab spaces started, once popular happy net in silence after many years there has been new developments. But what is not good news, but happy net Cheng Binghao announced his decision to leave through the internal mail, this year attracted millions of users, known as online poison website, also estimated quickly by the acquisition of listed companies.

Last night,

listed companies race for the intelligent announcement, and Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the happy person information) identified transactions, the two sides signed the "issue of shares and payment of cash to buy assets framework agreement", race for the intelligent intends to acquire 100% equity interest in the information of happy people. This means that Kaixin officially SOLD itself to an external company, meanwhile, founder Cheng Binghao and his management team announced goodbye.

this 8 years, happy net had let the Internet arena for the purpose of lateral moment, but then again a little bit out of people’s vision, in the end of July this year, A shares of Listed Companies in the race for the intelligent announcement, will wholly acquire happy net.

now bring happy net, many people will feel confused, do not know if this is what the company, but if it comes to the "happy farm, stealing vegetables, grab spaces", will be back to the old days of countless people, remember that night "steal food" crazy happy experience.

that time, happy net did have a social game to a hitherto unknown height, all people are playing awfully.

in happy net with "steal food" bursts when other Internet companies are in the analysis of its business model, as a social networking site, the new overlord Internet giant, which compared to the Facebook, I’m afraid no one will think of happy net fast fading.

a. Review the history of

according to happy net official website, which was founded in March 2008, the core user of Chinese social wealth and mainstream culture to create a crowd – Beijing, Shanghai and other large and medium cities in the white-collar group. The northern lights get $3 million of investment in September 2008, April 2009 Sina and Qiming venture investment of $20 million.

2008, happy network has let the people into a steal food craze.

at the beginning of December 2009, happy net has nearly 70 million registered users, more than 2 billion pageviews, landing every day more than 20 million users. Alexa global web site rankings, happy network ranked eighth in China, ranking first in China SNS website.

in 2011, Iraq, happy network on the outside will seek to go to the United States market, CEO Cheng Binghao said, happy network in the future will not be too long time will be listed."

two. Xing in the social, diplomatic to

at that time, the outside world also commented that compared to everyone, happy network is more

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