Taobao alliance Queqiao Taobao open beta customer interaction platform is not on-line merchants

A5 ( station network July 24th news, a news release on the official Taobao alliance, Taobao Taobao Alliance for customer and businesses to create interactive business platform "Queqiao" has entered the closed beta stage, the event places only 30 people.

it is understood that Taobao customers can sign up and businesses want to contact directly, can also be targeted investment, promotion of other Taobao customers made promotion pages; Taobao customers can set one or more promotional activities, the main push custom commission ratio, investment products and other conditions.

Ali mother said, just to further optimize the product online and get the feedback of the user, the product is complete, at any time in the future may on-line.


customer promotion model of CPS is one of the important way outside the station traffic acquisition in 2012, Taobao alliance to the third party to promote the Commission sharing amount has reached 3 billion yuan, and today, Taobao interactive customer investment platform beta registration opened less than an hour, there have been 53269082 people participated in the survey, but according to the second said, "bridge" and "key project online for the first time only a small amount of internal Taobao invited guest to participate in qualification.


passenger and Ali electricity supplier’s story has to write a sequel, "bridge" on the line to solve the big problem of businesses shortage of quality Taobao customers, but also provide the opportunity to expand their business for Taobao customers, close Taobao customers interact with businesses at the same time, will also stand outside the flow to get way one by one looking into the door, apparently whether it is inside or outside the station, traffic, Ali want to seize the initiative.

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